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Honest, effective SEO that drives consistent leads.

Done right, SEO can provide some of the highest ROI of any digital marketing strategy.

Our SEO campaigns are completely custom and tailor-made. With aggressive content creation, targeted link building, and technical superiority, we earn our clients higher visibility and lead flow.

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Trusted by the community.

Since 2011, we’ve been slinging lead-generating websites and SEO campaigns to respected brands like these in the tri-state area.

Brian Miller
Brian Miller
Miller's Residential
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We averaged just less than three potential client contacts or leads per month. Thanks to Local Sight, we now average just over 20 leads per month and have had a jump of 770% in total leads compared to...
Keegan Grove
Keegan Grove
Mountain Strong Landscaping
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Jesse did my website and did a tremendous job. We look forward to working with him for years to come. Anyone looking for a website this is your guy!
Vince Ducellier
Vince Ducellier
DuPaul Construction
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Local Sight has been instrumental in increasing our exposure which has resulted in a much higher volume of quality calls for services. Contacting Local Sight for your marketing needs would be a vital step...
Ashley Acevedo
Ashley Acevedo
Homespire Mortgage
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Jesse is great to work with and is full of helpful knowledge when it comes to search engine optimization. He has built multiple websites for our brand and continues to host these sites, which seem to be at optimal speeds...
Shelley McIntire
Shelley McIntire
McIntire HVAC
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Our company wouldn't be where it is today without Jesse and his vision for our website. Jesse took the time to understand our business before developing our site and creating his magic! I will be forever thankful...

Honest, effective, transparent SEO.

Local SEO

Transparent services.

We provide a detailed spreadsheet of every task being performed in your campaign each month.

Local SEO.

We include GBP optimization, citation building and more for every local client.

No contracts.

We're a performance-based, month by month agency. We don't have contracts or exit fees.


You can't rank for keywords you don't target. We build tons of content for each campaign.

Geo-specific targeting.

We build separate pages to target different localities wthin your service area.

Realistic expectations.

SEO takes time and it's not right for every business. We only take on clients we can dramatically help.

Local SEO

Lead-generating websites, local SEO, Google Ads & more.

Let’s be frank – your digital marketing could be a whole lot better.

Your website could get more traffic. Your Google Ads could have higher conversion rates. Heck, you could even show up for some locally-relevant keywords.

We can get you there. We help contractors, builders, attorneys, and other service-based businesses get more leads from their online presence.

To get started, request a free digital marketing diagnosis.

Here's what comes standard.

A great website.

Your website has to be built with SEO in mind. Sadly, most aren't. If yours isn't, we fix it or rebuild it from scratch.

Website speed upgrade.

Most websites are way too slow. We speed them up with caching, code minification, and more.

Keyword research.

Every SEO program starts with keywords. We find what people are searching for to inform our entire strategy.

Optimized GPB.

We optimize your Google Business Profile to show up for more search queries in a wider radius.

Targeted outreach.

Most backlinks suck. We use targeted outreach to build links and partnerships, focusing on high-quality links.

Review generation.

Reviews affect local rankings. With our automated email marketing system, we help you get more consistent reviews.

Organic/local tracking.

See the positive effects of our SEO program with monthly tracking. We show organic keyword wins and local visibility.

Content hierarchy.

We're going to add dozens of pages to your site. Proper content hierarchy keeps your website clean and navigable.

Geo-specific pages.

We cast a wide net, creating geo-specific pages that target nearby neighborhoods and suburbs, enhancing your reach.

Ongoing content.

Content is key to any successful SEO campaign. We add dozens of pages of content in the first few months.

Listing management.

Citations are places your business info appears online. We fix incorrect listings and build dozens of additional profiles.

Press releases.

Regular press releases can introduce new products or services. Done right, they help round out your footprint.

Analytics/call tracking.

Analytics and call tracking show us where we're getting the best results and ROI from our campaign.

Monthly status call.

Our monthly status call goes over everything we're doing, the results you're getting, and the plan moving forward.

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Local SEO results for contractors

SEO isn’t some mysterious, black-magic art that can’t be understood by mere mortals.

It’s also not an add-on to your website that’s toggled on or off.

SEO is a collection of ongoing, tangible services performed over the course of months or years. Those services are real – they can be seen, understood, and measured, even by someone who doesn’t understand how those services are actually completed.

This is the last SEO program you’ll ever need. Why?

Because we break down our SEO program into real, tangible tasks that are completed every month – and we give you access to a spreadsheet showing when each one is completed, with links to relevant deliverables you can actually see.

Then, we show the positive, measurable results of those tasks in the form of traffic statistics, call logs, and keyword rankings.

gpb local seo, Search Engine Optimization

Site-wide optimization

Guaranteed speed benchmark
Robust interlinking strategy
Caching, minify & reduce scripts
SCHEMA markup
Topical silos
Redirection management
Sitemaps + instant indexing

Content strategy

Content gap analysis
Aggressive early content posting
Smart website hierarchy
Geo-specific pages
Consistent blogging
Automated social cross-posting
Aggressive inter-linking

Keyword research

Local-triggering keywords
Organic keywords
Location-specific keywords
Search Console discovery
Competitive analysis
Smart keyword grouping
Keyword intent analysis

Page optimization

URL structure
Title tags
Meta descriptions
H1, H2, H3 hierarchy
Keyword density
Image ALT attributes
Semantic analysis

GPB Optimization

NAP check
Category analysis
Services, description optimization
Photo optimization
Updates, offers, and events
Service area optimization
Review generation


Citation NAP check
Dupicate/harmful listing cleanup
Data aggregators
Primary citations
Seconday citations
Social media accounts
Unstructured citations

Link building

Custom outreach
Quality over quantity
Guest posting
Local backlink opportunities
Niche placements
Robust domain blacklist
Tiered linking strategy


Local-trigger GPB keyword tracking
Organic keyword tracking
GPB call/traffic/search insights
Google Analytics events
Search Console reports
Position tracking over time
Monthly status calls

Have questions? We have answers.

Simple. Ask.

While many SEO tasks require technical knowledge and are done “behind the scenes” – such as optimizing website speed, structure, individual pages, adding SCHEMA markup and more – the vast majority of SEO tasks for small business websites are tangible. They can be seen and reported. You can see them with your own eyes – even without any technical knowledge.

Some of these tasks include:

  • Identifying new keywords
  • Building new pages
  • Building backlinks to pages
  • Publishing press releases
  • Building business profiles/citations
  • Building social media profiles
  • Building geo-specific pages
  • Generating reviews on your GPB
  • Adding updates to your GPB
  • And more.

None of those things happen “behind the scenes.”

There are some good deep-dives on SEO pricing here and here.

Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for.

Is it possible to find an amazing SEO provider for $500/month? Yes, but you’re more likely to run into a not-so-amazing provider at that cost.

Generally speaking, providers who charge $1,000+/month are going to be in the upper-echelon of SEO professionals. They’ll have a detailed plan, a spreadsheet of deliverables you can expect each month, monthly status calls, and data to back up why their services work.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that SEO pricing can be heavily dictated by your locale and industry.

For instance, a kitchen remodeling company in Austin, Texas has to outrank a lot more competition than one in a small town with less than 20,000 population. For that reason, your SEO cost may be higher – as should be the amount of deliverables you’re receiving.

That being said, as a local contractor, remodeler, or home builder… do you really need to spend $4,000/month to get results? Unlikely.

Without knowing your business or goals, it’s impossible for me to say for certainty what you should spend on SEO.

I can say this with a relative degree of certainty.

The amount you spend should not cause you to lose sleep, and you should feel comfortable spending that amount for 6-12 consecutive months.

Our SEO program starts at $1,500/month.

This can be highly dependent on the amount of competition in your city and niche.

You should plan to run your SEO campaign for 6-12+ months… even over a lifetime, if you’re continually getting a positive ROI. If you’ve been paying an SEO professional for 6+ months and having seen any positive movement… well, it might be time to find a new provider.

That being said, you should see some wins in the first 1-3 months, generally speaking.

We front-load our SEO campaigns to make sure that happens.

Still, you’ll likely see the biggest improvements in keyword rankings, website traffic, phone calls, and leads in the 6-12+ month range, with these positive results compounding over time. The true benefit of SEO is creating a long-term asset that constantly improves results.

SEO is not a toggle-switch. It’s not a feature that is turned on or off.

Put into its most basic form, SEO is the process of building two things:

  • Pages. These include blog posts, geo-specific landing pages, service pages, and more. Each of these pages target specific keywords.
  • Links. Commonly, these are backlinks to pages on your website. From a local SEO perspective, this also includes listings on business directories, social media profiles, and more. Links build authority to pages, helping them rank for keywords.

When you create a new page on your website, it takes time for Google to crawl (ie. notice) and index (ie. list in search results) that page. Generally speaking, it can take 2-3+ months for a new page to reach its optimal ranking potential. Google doesn’t give quick wins; website earn top ranking by being helpful, authoritative, fresh, and relevant to users’ search queries over a long period of time.

Similarly, it can take an equal amount of time for Google to crawl and index new listings on business directories, new social profiles, backlinks to pages on your website, and more. Google likes websites that attract these things over time.

This is perhaps the essence of why SEO takes time. It’s a matter of logistics.

Going further, SEO takes time because it is the ongoing effort of actively building an asset. As you build new pages, you target more keywords; as you build more links, you achieve higher authority in your market.