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Website guarantee and pricing
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We averaged just less than three potential client contacts or leads per month. Thanks to Local Sight, we now average just over 20 leads per month and have had a jump of 770% in total leads.

Brian Miller - Miller's Residential Creations
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Jesse is great to work with and is full of helpful knowledge when it comes to search engine optimization. He has built multiple websites for our brand and continues to host these sites, which seem to be at optimal speeds. We recommend Jesse to any small business looking to build a website.

Ashley Acevedo - Homespire Mortgage
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Local Sight has been instrumental in increasing our exposure which has resulted in a much higher volume of quality calls for services. Contacting Local Sight for your marketing needs would be a vital step in your company's immediate and long term growth.

Vince DuPaul - DuPaul Construction
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Our company wouldn't be where it is today without Jesse and his vision for our website. Jesse took the time to understand our business before developing our site and creating his magic! His creativity, the keywords he uses and his unique ability to know how in the world Google works - coupled with his meticulous follow-up - has been a huge benefit to the growth of our company. I will be forever thankful to Jesse and Local Sight for getting us started and getting us customers!

Shelley McIntire - McIntire HVAC
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Jesse designed our business's website to our specifications in an extremely short amount of time and at a competitive price. All of our requested revisions were made in a timely manner and Jesse even took time to personally help me with setting up emails on mobile devices.

Tammy Herndon - Glen's Electrical
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We stand by our work.

We're so confident in our guarantee we back it up with cash.

Satisfaction guarantee

If we were just selling websites, we could never make this guarantee, and neither could any other web designer. The dirty truth is this: a website by itself won’t do much for you, no matter how good it is. You need more.

That’s what we give you. Our guarantee is two-fold.

1) Our services require a 50% down payment. You won’t pay another penny until you’re completely satisfied with your new website. Furthermore, we’ll make as many changes as necessary to meet your expectations. If for some reason (and this has never happened) both parties agree that our product will never be as good as you want it to be, we will refund your deposit in full.

2) So long as you have accurate yearly numbers for traffic statistics, phone calls, and a list of current digital footprint assets, we guarantee to beat every one of those metrics in a year-over-year comparison. If we don’t, we’ll give you a full refund for every penny you’ve paid to us and restore your previous website.

This is how confident we are in building you a winning website.

But wait... aren't websites custom-built?

Why we provide up-front pricing.

The same way a home builder knows which materials to build with or an attorney knows the best course of legal action for their client, we know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to building local business websites. When you hire us, you’re not just hiring us to build a website – you’re hiring us for our expertise. Part of that expertise is knowing what you need even if you don’t know it yourself. The other part is making sure you get it.

Five-page websites don’t work. Websites that stand all alone on a hill don’t work. We don’t build those. We build websites that make the phone ring.

If you want more content, we can handle that for you. If you want less, we won’t.

If you want more visibility, we can do the same. If you want less, we won’t.

If you want something simple that essentially functions as an online business card, we’re simply not the company for you. If you want more, we most certainly are.

Does this mean you just sell the same repurposed websites to dozens of customers?

No. Unlike the big box providers, each website is custom-built. During our on-boarding call, we find the aesthetic qualities you’re looking for and build them into our design.

Also unlike the big box providers, we use completely unique content and images for each client. Nothing is repurposed or rewritten. You won’t find your content anywhere else.

And to put the cherry on top… you own 100% of the final product whether you stay on our maintenance plans or not, though we hope to be able to service you for years to come.

Oh, and did we mention our guarantee?

What’s all this other stuff? How do I know what’s completed outside the website?

Each of our websites comes with an eight week local visibility package.

The below sample campaign report is important because it shows you exactly what’s included in our local visibility package: every optimization tactic, every directory submitted to, every social media account created, every press outlet touched, and even task completed.

You’re welcome to take this worksheet and do all the work yourself, or take it to your current provider and see how much they’ll charge to do it all.

What happens after all this is completed?

Websites are designed to by dynamic. We treat them as such.

We want to become your website partner. We’re always on call for any problems you may have, and we include a free hour of websites updates every month. Have an announcement you want to post? No problem; it’s posted. Have some new project pictures? Send them our way. Want to try your hand at blogging? We’ll post it for you.

On top of that, we send you monthly traffic statistics and local search visibility tracking for five main keywords, so you always know how your website is performing.

We also schedule quarterly check-in calls. Your project manager will get in touch every quarter to see how everything is going. If tweaks need to be made, we’ll tweak them. If ideas need to be discussed, we’ll discuss them. If something isn’t up to your standard, we’ll fix it.

We want to be the last website provider you ever hire.