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The Best Tradesmen Website Design (9 Awesome Examples)

Tradesman website design

Here’s the thing: tradesmen websites need to look good.

But is that all it takes to make a website truly effective?

After all, what does it matter how good your tradesman website looks if no one ever sees it?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: beauty by itself does not get results.

In order to have a winning website, you need:

  • Loads of unique, helpful content
  • A large digital footprint
  • A website that’s fast and optimized for search engines
  • A strong social media presence (automation really, really helps)
  • And efficient tracking and analytics

Website Design for Tradesmen – What You Need to Succeed in 2022

Real quick, before we get back to these lovely tradesmen website design examples, we wanted to talk about some of the reason we picked these websites.

Tradesman websites need content. That may sound obvious to you, but hold on a minute. Oftentimes, we see local businesses reverting to the time-honored (and, let’s face it, lame and ineffective) tradition of posting a bulleted list of their services and calling it a day instead of telling their story. If you want to just “get by,” that’s probably a fine strategy, but that kind of content won’t give you a website that makes the phone ring. Here’s the type of content that will:

  • Pages for each service you offer
  • Pages for each location in which you offer those services
  • Pages for your beautiful project portfolio (you have one, right?)
  • Pages showcasing your team members
  • Blog posts people actually want to read

Here’s the thing: bigger is better when it comes to websites.

Nine times out of ten, the website with more content (ie. pages) will get more traffic. More traffic equals more phone calls and leads.

And that’s what it’s all about, right?

If you want to see how your website currently stacks up, request a free analysis. We’ll build a custom, hand-curated breakdown of your current website and digital footprint, along with critiques and steps to take to make your online presence more effective. It’s completely free.

Okay, enough jibber-jabber: here are the best tradesmen website designs we could find.

7 Examples of Tradesmen Website Designs

Earlier, we made an article about the 22 best general contractor websites we could find. We highlighted what made them so great: whether it was their content, location targeting, professional photography, website structure, or something else.

Today, we want to give you 9 awesome examples of tradesmen web design.

Wait a minute… aren’t tradesmen and contractors the same thing?

Sure, but they’re different keywords. Smart website owners like us know that people search for things in different ways, and that the pages on your website need to reflect that.

This article is all about the tradesmen websites that WOW’ed us, either with their photography, content, graphics, or something completely different.

1. Miller’s Residential Creations


Construction contractor website design example 1

Full disclosure – we built this website. But we still think it’s awesome! The overall design is sleek and photo-centric. Not only that, but the website is absolutely packed with content: over 200 pages and counting! All of this content helped us recently increase this construction contractor’s phone calls by 98% in only 12 months!

2. Slonaker’s Custom Paving


Paving contractor web design example 2

Okay, we built this one, too. Don’t blame us – we’re a web design company, after all. Brand cohesion was important to this client, so we stuck with the yellow and black color scheme while highlighting all of their great work. They have a rockin’ project portfolio, and are currently averaging 44 free quote requests per month!

3. D.Y.S. Construction


Tradesman web design example 1

This construction website design how a simple logo and menu structure, focusing on their project portfolio pictures to do the heavy lifting to make their website look great. They give out their phone number, email, and address right off the bat, which is always useful to increase conversion rates. Combined with a fun color scheme, this website looks great.

4. Scherr Contracting


Tradesmen website design example 2

Simple, sleek, and professional – those are the first words that come to mind for this trademan’s website design. Sometimes, stock photos can look really, really bad on websites; on this one, it seems to work. They have a simple navigational menu with a strong heading: improve your home. Sometimes less is more, and on this website, the simplicity of the design makes all the difference.

5. J&E Modern Construction LLC


Trademen website design example 3

Another example of how sometimes less is more. This trademen website makes their project pictures the focal point, which is what you want to do when you have some great photography at your disposal. Their logo is fun and friendly, and their menu structure is easy to navigate. Oh! And did you see that live chat box? Now that’s customer service.

6. Monumental Contractors


Trademen web design example 4

We love this website. It’s simple in its elegance. They have two menu structures, with pages clearly defined no matter what you’re looking for on their website. What we really love is their network of logos right beneath their header image – which, we should mention, benefits massively from being professionally photographed. All in all, this website screams professionalism and elegance.

7. Wild Creek Custom Renovations


Tradesmen website example 5

What a great-looking construction website! This design is obviously beautiful, elegant in its simplicity. It benefits hugely from featuring professional photography – it just looks so much better than anything that could be taken with an iPhone. Couple that with a strong opening message (ie. home remodeling the way it should be) and this is a real winner trademen website.

8. LFM Construction & Remodeling


Trademan website design example 7

Sometimes, you don’t need fancy graphics and flashy colors to look great – all you need is a professional photograph of your lovely work. This trademen web design leans into that philosophy, keeping things as simple as possible: logo, menu, image, heading. And it works really, really well.

9. Arcadia Construction Ent.


Tradesmen web design example 6

What Do You Want Out of Your Tradesmen Website Design?

It should look great. Of course.

But is that all you need to succeed?

Of course not. Contractor web design is about more than good looks.

The previous 9 examples should show you plenty of ways your website can be structured, from strong, bold images to sleek, clean, and simple design. But don’t just stop there – take a closer look at these websites, and you’ll notice that they’ve also focused on aspects outside of their aesthetics.

Some have dozens and dozens of helpful pages of content.

Some have great contractor SEO.

Some feature live chat features, making it easy to speak to someone.

Some feature videos.

Some focus on location-specific content.

Some blog consistently – some even do podcasts!

Those are the reasons those websites are great – not just because they’re pretty.

When thinking about web design for tradesmen, think past the graphics and colors. Think about what you can actually do for your visitors.

  1. Be helpful.
  2. Be easy to find.
  3. Be where your customers already are.
  4. Be fast.
  5. Be able to measure your success (or failure) in the previous four areas.

Your visitors (and your lead count) will thank you for it.