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The Best Plastic Surgery Website Design (12 Beautiful Examples)

Web design for plastic surgery

Your plastic surgery website design needs to be beautiful, right?

Of course.

But is that really all it takes to make a great website?

Can a person be the most beautiful person in the world if no one ever sees them?

Okay, enough philosophizing.

The bottom line: it doesn’t matter what your website looks like if no one can find it.

Plastic Surgery Website Design: 5 Things You Need to Succeed

Before we get to the 12 best plastic surgery website designs we found, we want to talk a little bit about how we made our selection.

Yes, each of the plastic surgeon website designs on this list is beautiful. But that’s not all – they each do something really well to either increase conversions, garner more website traffic, or position themselves differently from their competition.

Here’s what it really takes to have a great plastic surgery practice website:

1. You need more content than you think.

More content = more website traffic. That’s a solid equation that has worked for many a local business. The truth is that a bulleted list of the services you offer doesn’t cut it anymore. Not only will that not do you any favors when it comes to search engines, but it also won’t do your visitors any favors when it comes to learning about what your practice actually does.

Here are some examples of pages you should have:

  • Pages for each of the restorative or transformative procedures you do, or any other service you offer.
  • Pages for each location in which you want to receive visitors.
  • Pages for testimonials, before/after pictures, and more.
  • Pages with biographies for each member of your team.
  • Blog posts answering commonly asked questions.

Here’s an insider secret: website pages are cheaper to produce than you may think. Your plastic surgery practice website should have at least 25-50 pages, and maybe more depending on the amount of procedures you do or the number of locations in which you operate.

2. Your digital footprint matters more than you think.

Here’s another insider secret: a website by itself will do little to nothing for your plastic surgery practice. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your website is if no one can find it, right?

In order to have a large digital footprint, you need:

  • A strong, optimized Google Business Profile.
  • Listings on dozens (if not hundreds) of quality directory websites (HealthGrades, SurgeonNetwork, YellowPages, etc…)
  • Social media profiles (all of them… even the ones you’ve never heard of)
  • Press releases (easy to submit, and a great source of backlinks)
  • GPS listings with driving directions

While incredibly time-consuming, all of these pieces of your footprint are free to build. Don’t skimp on this or put it off. If your digital footprint isn’t large enough, you’re not going to get the results from your website you’re hoping for – no matter how pretty it looks.

3. You need to automate your social media posting – for free.

Social media marketing can be expensive if outsourced. Luckily, there’s a free alternative to that. By utilizing technology, you can automate your social media posting across many different outlets.

Here’s how to automate your social media posting:

  • Free-tier plans from Buffer can cross-post to multiple social media channels at once.
  • An IFTTT setup can automate social posting across even more channels.

You can do this with little to no technical knowledge in under an hour. That hour spent now will save you dozens of hours and legwork in the future.

4. Your plastic surgery practice website needs the latest technology.

With getting into the weeds too much, the technology your website runs on matters. Now, you might not have the knowledge of what these systems and features actually are, but you should know what they do.

No matter who you choose to do your new plastic surgery website design, ensure that the following is included:

  • Built using a CMS. Seriously, just use WordPress.
  • Responsive design. This means your website will adapt to whatever screen size is viewing it.
  • SCHEMA markup. Specifically, the PlasticSurgery and Article markups.
  • Lightweight code (or the ability to minify/defer assets). Translation: great website speed.

Ask your plastic surgery website designer if they plan to use this technology.

5. You need efficient tracking and analytics.

How do you know if your website is getting you results? Well, if you don’t have tracking and analytics, you won’t.

Here’s what you need to track your website’s effectiveness:

  • Google Analytics. The gold standard. Custom conversions help, too.
  • Keyword tracking. We’re talking organic listings and local visibility.
  • Phone call tracking. The best way to judge ROI for most local business websites.

For most local businesses, tracking these three metrics are all you really need.

Plastic Surgeon Web Design That Actually Works

This doesn’t have to be rocket-science.

Think about the last time you searched for a local business or service online. Did you choose to give your business (ie. place a phone call or fill out a form) to one website over another because of the quality of the graphics, or was it because one website had the answers to your questions, loaded quickly, and made it easy for you to give them your business?

Or was is simply the fact that you chose the first one that popped up?

These days, web design for plastic surgeons or any other profession is as much about getting people in the door as it is making sure people like what they see once they’ve opened it. In fact, lets boil those previous five points down into what they really mean for your website.

  1. Be helpful.
  2. Be easy to find.
  3. Be where your customers already are.
  4. Be fast.
  5. Be able to measure your success (or failure) in the previous four areas.

We build websites that make the phone ring, and we’d love a crack at your business. But no matter who builds your family law website (or if you build it yourself!), make sure you’re keeping these five points at the forefront of your digital strategy.

12 Beautiful Examples of the Best Plastic Surgeon Website Designs We Could Find

Okay, let’s get down to it.

You clicked because you wanted to see 12 beautiful examples of plastic surgery website design. Each of these websites have their own strengths and weaknesses, which we’ll detail below.

When looking at these websites, pay attention to more than just the aesthetics. Look at their content structure, their copy, their messaging.

Let’s get started.

1. Parva Plastic Surgery


PLastic surgery website design example 1

This plastic surgeon website is obviously beautiful, but I didn’t have to tell you that. What’s more important is the content structure: take a look at that menu! Each of their cosmetic and surgical procedures has its own dedicated page, which is the way it should be. This will lead to a larger digital footprint – especially on search engines like Google. Not only that, but they have an active before/after portfolio and a place to house all their wonderful testimonials. Excellent work!

2. West End Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgeon website design example 2

Another great-looking website, but as we know, looks aren’t everything. Just look at that menu structure: again, pages devoted to each of their treatment and surgical options. Not only that, but as you dive deeper into their website, you see that their gallery is chock-full of before and after photos, all categorized by treatment type. In fact, they have over 730 pages indexed in Google! I bet they get some serious website traffic out of that.

3. DAVinci Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgeon web design example 3

This plastic surgery website design does a great job of branding and introducing us to their surgeons, putting them front and center. With a strong logo, splashes of color, and a header offering seasonal specials, they’ve clearly put some time into building a great website for their plastic surgery practice. And did you notice you can view the entire website in Spanish? Now that’s customer service, especially if a significant portion of your market speaks that language.

4. Somenek + Pittman MD


Plastic surgery website example 4

You can’t tell, but this primary picture isn’t static – it’s a video that plays on a loop, and it’s done to great effect (just watch out for that website speed!). I love the strong trust-building signal at the upper right hand corner. It’s a great idea to make tons of positive reviews one of the first things your visitors will see. Combined with a prominently displayed phone number, I imagine this plastic surgeon gets tons of conversions from their website.

5. Austin Plastic Surgery Institute


Plastic surgeon web design example 5

This plastic surgery practice website leans heavily on models to portray the image of beauty they’re offering, and to great effect. With a simple, sleek, professional website that’s built around the beautiful photography, they don’t need a lot of fancy graphics – their models and procedure galleries do all of the heavy lifting for them.

7. Andrew Trussler MD PLLC


Plastic surgeon website design example 6

Sometimes, less is more. This opening photograph is especially appealing with the gradient grey background and the pop of color on the right. More than that, the message is what really draws the eye: compassion and attention. When it comes to your plastic surgeon, those are certainly two qualities one would want them to have, and it makes a great selling point to put that message to the forefront of your audience. Great work.

8. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center


Plastic surgery website example 8

Visors appreciate a non-static website, and simply by changing things up for the change of seasons, a business can improve their targeting and message greatly. This one is offering Fall specials. With a simple, professional look, they keep things clean. Also, with multiple offices, it’s highly beneficial to list them early, which is what this practice does.

9. Herrera Reconstructive Surgery


Cosmetic surgery web design example 9

This plastic surgery website design screams professionalism, with a strong corporate design. I love the ability to login to your patient portal or pay your bill right at the forefront, making it easy to service your customers. Similarly, they list their most popular procedures right off the bat, with a nice color palette that makes them pop. This plastic surgery website appears to be somewhat niche, and the messaging supports that.

10. Cara Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgery website example 10

Sometimes, less is more. This plastic surgeon website features a beautifully shot image with a sleep, easily navigable menu. They’ve categorized their pages by body part instead of by procedure, making it easy for visitors to focus on which aspect of their appearance they want to fix or enhance. Beautifully done.

11. Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery


Plastic surgeon web design example 11

Again, you can’t see it, but this plastic surgery website has a video header that works really, really well. Their menu works well, too, letting visitors find the resources they’re looking for quickly and easily. Gallery and before/after pictures and shown quickly and often. They have strong social and trust signals all over their website and content. Great job.

12. VIP Plastic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetics


Plastic surgeon web design example 12

What a beautiful plastic surgeon website design. With a strong opening image, simple navigation, helpful top bar, and a strong message (ie. enhance your beauty), this website works really, really well. I especially like the social inks at the top, along with links to whichever office location is closest to you, with phone numbers close by. Combined the the live chat link, it’s clear this plastic surgery website is dedicated to customer service.

What Do You Want Out of Your Plastic Surgery Web Design?

It should look great. Of course.

But is that all you need to succeed?

Of course not.

The previous 12 examples of plastic surgery website design should show you plenty of ways your website can be structured, from strong, bold images to sleek, clean, and simple design. But don’t just stop there – take a closer look at these websites, and you’ll notice that they’ve also focused on aspects outside of their aesthetics.

Some have dozens and dozens of helpful pages of content.

Some feature live chat features, making it easy to speak to someone.

Some feature videos.

Some feature their surgeons, making their branding the focal point of their websites.

Some focus on location-specific content.

Some blog consistently – some even do podcasts!

Those are the reasons those websites are great – not just because they’re pretty.

When thinking about web design for a plastic surgery practice, think past the graphics and colors. Think about what you can actually do for your visitors.

  1. Be helpful.
  2. Be easy to find.
  3. Be where your customers already are.
  4. Be fast.
  5. Be able to measure your success (or failure) in the previous four areas.

Your visitors (and your lead count) will thank you for it.