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The Best Contractor Website Services (Hosting, Design, Speed, SEO & Marketing)

Contractor website services

By this point, I’m sure you know you need a great-looking contractor website.

But what kind of contractor website services do you need to succeed online?

Nowadays, website design is more than throwing up a couple images, some fancy graphics, and a bulleted list of your services. That might have worked in the 90’s, but competition is fierce in 2023.

In order to succeed, you need more.

You need contractor website services that will directly impact that success of your website.

Today, I’m going to talk about 5 specific services you need included in your contractor web design:

  1. Reliable hosting.
  2. Beautiful design (especially for mobile devices).
  3. Lightning-fast website speed.
  4. SEO fundamentals on every page of your website.
  5. Marketing elements with lead-generation in mind.

Of course, we include all of these contractor website services in our standard website design packages. We utilized them to increase a home builder’s phone calls by 98% in one year and get a local paving company to average 44 free quote requests per month.

We also offer them as standalone services, so contact us today for a free strategy session.

5 Contractor Website Services You Need

Talking to a wall meme

Here’s the dirty little secret: a website by itself won’t do much for your business.

No, that doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands on a contractor SEO campaign (though that could be a good idea). It also doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a website at all. In 2023, that would be lunacy.

It just means you need a goal for your website, as well as specific services that support that goal.

Likely, you want your website to generate consistent leads.

With that goal in mind, here are some specific contractor website services that can help you achieve it:

  • Hosting. You need a hosting provider that can give you the space, functionality, and speed you need to have an effective web presence.
  • Design. Obviously, your website should look beautiful. But you should pay special attention to how your website looks on multiple devices.
  • Speed. Few website designers talk about this, but it’s vitally important. With 40% of consumers saying they’ll leave a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, your website better load quickly.
  • SEO. Even if you’re not ready for a fully-fledged SEO campaign, your website needs SEO fundamentals in order to show up on Google.
  • Marketing. Beyond contact forms and calls-to-action, your website needs a robust digital marketing plan to get any meaningful amount of traffic.

Now that you know the services your website needs, lets take a deeper look into each.

1. Reliable hosting with meaningful maintenance.

Website hosting meme

If your website is the house, hosting is the land it sits on.

Hosting from your website provider needs to be reliable, fast, and functional.

While not all hosts are created equal, this isn’t a point I’m going to harp on too much. Why? As a local business, most hosts (even those of the shared, lower-end variety) are going to be enough to suit your needs. You’re not going to be getting 10,000’s visitors a month and you don’t need terabytes of storage.

What you do need is monthly maintenance.

Website technology can change almost daily. Your website needs to be consistently updated at least once a month to remain secure, functional, and fast.

Also, you don’t want to be left holding your hat when you need to make a simple change to your site.

As part of our standard maintenance package, we include:

  • Website hosting (duh).
  • Monthly updates to scripts (WordPress core, etc…)
  • Monthly updates to themes and plugins.
  • Monthly website analytics (visitors, form submission, phone calls, etc…)
  • 1 hour of free changes (update text, image, etc…)

All that for $99 per month. To learn more, book a free strategy session with us today.

2. Beautiful, responsive design.

Responsive contractor websites

Your website should look great. That’s a given.

But seeing as how half of your visitors will be coming from mobile devices, it better look great on devices of all shapes and sizes.

While most websites are built with responsive design – meaning, the website automatically adjusts to fit whatever screen it’s being viewed on – most responsive design is ugly without a personal touch.

Part of effective contractor website services is making sure your website looks great everywhere.

Other design elements should include:

  • Brand cohesion that matches your tone and logo.
  • Attractive calls-to-action (these can hugely impact your conversion rate).
  • Stylish forms for easy lead-generation.
  • Robust, helpful content for your visitors (we write all of this for you).

When we build construction websites, we make sure they look and perform great on all devices.

3. Lightning-fast website speed.

Contractor web design speed Contractor website speed

Half of your visitors will abandon your site if it takes longer than 6 seconds to load.

That’s a lot. If your website is slow, you could be missing out on dozens of leads.

Not sure how fast your website is? You can use Google Pagespeed Insights right now for free.

Remember: you need to test both the desktop and mobile versions of your website. After all, over half of your visitors will be viewing on mobile devices – and that’s usually where your website is slowest.

At Local Sight, we guarantee over 80% performance metrics no matter which device your website is being view on. Why not book a free strategy session so we can get to work speeding up your site?

4. Strong SEO fundamentals.

Trying to understand SEO meme
Look, I get it. And it’s not your fault.

The SEO industry has preyed on local business owners by making their services seem more complicated than they really are. It’s why there are so many SEO scams and why so few local business owners even know what their SEO provider is doing for them each month.

Luckily, I can break down the SEO process pretty succinctly:

  1. Step one: find relevant keywords.
  2. Step two: optimize pages for those keywords.
  3. Step three: build links to those pages.

Is it an extremely basic example of SEO? Sure. But those are still the main steps.

As part of our contractor website services, here are the SEO solutions we provide:

  • Each new website build comes with a list of targeted keywords.
  • We use that list to figure out what pages we need to build (typically, dozens).
  • While doing that, we build a huge digital footprint that links back to your website.

Is all of this as good as a dedicated SEO campaign? No. But it’s not designed to be. It’s designed to provide a website built with SEO fundamentals in mind.

Not sure how your website is faring on Google? Book a free strategy session to find out :)

5. A huge digital footprint.

Digital footprint gif

Imagine building the world’s best restaurant out in the middle of nowhere, with no highways exits around – or even roads leading to the front door.

That’s what most people do when they build a website.

In order to get traffic to your website, you need a large footprint surrounding it.

Here’s what we build for each new website:

  • A strong, optimized Google Business Profile (the most important aspect)
  • Listings on dozens (if not hundreds) of quality directory websites (Angi, YellowPages, etc…)
  • Social media profiles (all of them… even the ones you’ve never heard of)
  • Press releases (easy to submit, and a great source of publicity)
  • GPS listings with driving directions (Google loves these)

That’s what you need for a website that makes the phone ring.

Website Services For Contractors & More

A website by itself won’t do much for your business. You need more.

Namely, you need:

  • Reliable hosting with meaningful maintenance.
  • Beautiful, responsive design.
  • Lightning-fast website speed.
  • Srue SEO fundamentals.
  • A huge digital footprint.

You don’t have to market your contracting business yourself.

We build websites that make the phone ring – but that’s not all.

We build huge, lead-generating machines for contractors who want to get more consistent leads. This includes your website, SEO strategy, social media profiles, email marketing strategy, and more.

Get in touch with us today to book a free strategy session.