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Construction Website Design That Makes the Phone Ring

Construction website design

Construction website design isn’t rocket-science.

The problem is, you likely don’t know what makes an effective construction company website.

Here’s a hint: it has almost nothing to do with how it looks.

That’s not to say your website shouldn’t be beautiful – it absolutely should, and any competent web designer should give you a product that matches your brand’s tone, aesthetics, and quality.

It’s just to say that looks don’t generate leads.

Here’s what does:

  • Blazing-fast website speed. It doesn’t matter how your website looks or what it says if it loads slowly. In fact, 40% of consumers say they’ll leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.
  • Tons and tons of content. You need more content and pages than you think. In general, more content = more traffic… and if you want leads, you need lots of traffic.
  • Great SEO fundamentals. Speaking of content, it needs to be optimized for search engines. You need a solid hierarchy and SEO strategy baked into your construction company website design.
  • A huge digital footprint. Your website isn’t an island – it needs a huge digital footprint in order to be successful. This leads to more traffic, phone calls, leads and positive search engine placement.
  • Smart analytics. Everyone uses Google Analytics, but few use it well. You need detailed information on which pages of your website are generating the most leads.

These are the aspects of lead-generating construction web design. It’s what we’ve used to help a custom home builder increase phone calls by 98% in less than a year.

As a construction marketing agency, we know what it takes to make a lead-generating website.

Here are the 5 things than come standard with every website we build.

The 5 Most Important Aspects of Lead-Generating Construction Web Design

Construction web design memeHere’s what you already know: you want a beautiful website. You want it to represent your brand and values. You want it to be easily navigable and have information about your services. You want some pictures of your projects. You want some testimonials. You want a contact form.

Here’s what you might not know: all of those things come standard. There are varying degrees of how well those things are done, but whether you spend $500 with a graphic designer fresh out of college or $10,000 with a major web design firm, that’s what you’re going to get.

Here’s what you need to know: those things aren’t enough. If you want a website that generates consistent leads, you need more. You need bigger priorities than what comes standard.

Today, I’m going to show you the 5 most important aspects of lead-generating construction web design.

These are the things that make the difference between a website that gets tons of phone calls and leads – and one that just sits there looking pretty.

1. Blazing-fast website speed.

Construction website speed example

Your website needs to be fast. It’s that simple.

Specifically, your website needs to load within 1-3 seconds.

If you’re not sure how fast your website currently is, you can test it for free right here.

A fast website will:

  • Rank better in search engines
  • Have a lower bounce rate (ie. the people who leave your site without interacting)
  • Have a higher engagement rate
  • Have a higher conversion rate

Unsurprisingly, most websites are slow. Especially local business websites. Why? Because website speed isn’t a metric most business owners think to ask about – so most developers don’t bother addressing it.

Here’s what we do to make sure the websites we build are blazing-fast:

  • Serve compressed, WebP images. First, we use special software to compress the file size of your beautiful images without sacrificing their quality. Second, we serve them in WebP format, which require far fewer server resources to show them to your visitors.
  • Remove unused CSS. The styling of your website is mostly accomplished with huge CSS files. When possible, we remove all the CSS lines of code you don’t need. When that’s not possible, we combine multiple CSS stylesheets to achieve similar results.
  • Defer Javascript. Many times, scripts don’t need to be loaded immediately when a website is pulled up. By deferring these, we can focus server resources on serving the critical stuff that makes your website look and function well.
  • Use efficient caching. An efficient caching policy can drastically improve your website’s load times. We use caching to speed up the websites we build without sacrificing visual fidelity.

Does all of that sound like gobbledygook? That’s okay. You build houses, not websites.

Ask your current website provider – or, better yet, schedule a free strategy session with us :)

2. Tons and tons of content.

Contractor website services responsive design

You need more content (ie. pages) on your website than you think.

It’s 2023. Five pages and a photo gallery doesn’t cut it anymore.

If you want more website visitors, phone calls, and leads, you need tons and tons of content.

The good news? Content is fairly cheap and easy to produce.

Here are some pages we create and write for our construction web design clients:

  • Pages for each service you offer (yes, all of them)
  • Pages for each location in which you offer those services (ditto)
  • Pages for your beautiful project portfolio (you have one, right?)
  • Pages showcasing your team members (show some personality)
  • Blog posts people actually want to read (and that actually target the right keywords!)

I know what you’re thinking… “Oh, but I don’t want my website all cluttered up.”

That’s where great website architecture comes into play. You can absolutely have a huge, content-filled website without having a cluttered mess for visitors to comb through.

Would you guess that the website in the image above has more than 250 pages? :)

3. Great SEO fundamentals.

Trying to understand SEO meme

It’s not your fault.

The SEO industry has preyed on local business owners by making their services seem more complicated than they really are. It’s why there are so many SEO scams and why so few local business owners even know what their SEO provider is doing for them each month.

Luckily for you, I can break down the construction SEO process pretty succinctly:

  1. Step one: find relevant keywords.
  2. Step two: optimize pages for those keywords.
  3. Step three: build links to those pages.

Is it an extremely basic example of SEO? Sure. But those are still the main steps.

As part of our construction website design service, here are the SEO solutions we provide:

  • Each new website build comes with a list of targeted keywords.
  • We use that list to figure out what pages we need to build (typically, dozens).
  • While doing that, we build a huge digital footprint that links back to your website.

Is all of this as good as a dedicated SEO campaign? No. But it’s not designed to be.

It’s designed to provide a website built with SEO fundamentals in mind.

Not sure how your website is faring on Google? Book a free strategy session to find out :)

4. A huge digital footprint.

Huge digital footprint

Your website isn’t an island.

The problem is, when most construction company website designers finish your website… that’s it. They’re not worried about what listings your business has online or how much traffic you’re getting.

They’re hired to build you a website – we get hired to build you a website that gets leads.

Here’s what we build for each new website:

  • A strong, optimized Google Business Profile (the most important aspect)
  • Listings on dozens (if not hundreds) of quality directory websites (Angi, YellowPages, etc…)
  • Social media profiles (all of them… even the ones you’ve never heard of)
  • Press releases (easy to submit, and a great source of publicity)
  • GPS listings with driving directions (Google loves these)

Your digital footprint should be comprised of hundreds of these listings.

5. Smart analytics.

Construction website analytics

Analytics tell you if what you’re doing is working.

Smart analytics tell you how to fix what isn’t working – or how to focus on what is.

Nearly every construction website designer will install some form of analytics on your website. The difference is if that analytics platform tells you what’s actually important in your business.

We install the following analytics features on every website:

  • Custom event tracking. You need to know when people are filling out forms on your website, scrolling a certain depth down your page, or clicking a phone number to call you directly.
  • Conversion values. How much is a lead worth to you? How much is a phone call worth? We dive deep into these numbers and plug them into our analytics platform to easily show you how profitable your website is on any given month.

That’s great, but it’s not enough.

Separately, we track the following:

  • Organic keyword rankings. We track your keywords monthly on Google to show you where you’re currently ranking when people search for services you offer.
  • Local map ranking. We use position-based tracking to show where your Google Business Profile shows in dozens of locations around your service area.
  • Call tracking. Usually, the best leads are the ones you get to speak to. We use call tracking to find out how many calls your Google Business Profile is getting on any given month.

We use analytics smartly to show you the information you need to know.

If you want to learn more, book a free strategy session with us today. :)

3 Amazing Construction Website Designers

Now that you know what you need in your construction website design… who do you hire to get it all done for you? Where do you even look to find a designer with these ideals?

Here’s a list of 3 amazing construction website designers that focus on more than just pretty graphics. Any of these options would be great for your construction website.

1. Local Sight

Lead generation web design

We build websites that make the phone ring.

We’ve worked with custom home builders, contractors, roofers, HVAC companies, remodeling professionals, excavating companies, paving contractors and more.

Book a free strategy session with us today :)

In our typical construction web design package, we include:

  • A lightning-fast website.
  • Dozens and dozens of pages written for you.
  • Foundational and ongoing SEO.
  • Automated social media posting.
  • Automated email marketing for lead/customer follow-up.
  • Smart, efficient tracking with monthly progress calls.

… and so much more. We’ve utilized these services to increase a home builder’s phone calls by 98% in one year and get a local paving company to average 44 free quote requests per month.

Book a free strategy session with us today :)

2. Hook Agency

Visit website.

While a little pricey (their websites start at $19,000 when paid up-front), Hook Agency is a well-known, trusted name in the construction website design space. They do good work.

In addition to website design and development, Hook Agency also offers a range of digital marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, and content marketing tailored to each client’s specific goals and budget.

3. Blue Corona

Visit website.

Blue Corona is a full-service digital marketing and web design agency that specializes in helping businesses in various industries grow their online presence – including construction companies.

They offer a range of services, including website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, and more. Blue Corona has a proven track record of delivering measurable results for their clients, and their team of experts works closely with each client to create a customized marketing strategy that is tailored to their unique goals and budget.

What Do You Want From Your Construction Website Designer? Good Looks… Or Good Leads?

Construction website
What do you want from your construction website?

If all you want is a few pages, a photo gallery, and a contact form, you can get that from just about anyone. Your mileage will vary, but all of that comes standard.

You could build it yourself, you could spend a few hundred bucks with an entry-level graphic designer, or you could spend $5,000-$15,000 with a dedicated web design firm.

If you want a website that generates consistent leads, you need to rethink what you need:

  • Blazing-fast website speed.
  • Tons and tons of content.
  • Great SEO fundamentals
  • A huge digital footprint
  • Smart analytics

We build construction websites that make the ring.

If you want to start generating more consistent leads from your website and online presence, book a free strategy session where we’ll discuss how we can help your online marketing efforts.