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Social Media Marketing for Construction Companies

Social media marketing for construction companies

Social media marketing for construction companies isn’t rocket-science.

However, most people get it wrong.

Here’s the thing: social media marketing likely isn’t going to be an amazing lead-generation strategy for you business. For one, that’s not what social media platforms were designed to do; secondly, as a construction company owner, you likely don’t spend all day long with your nose in your phone, building an audience, commenting on posts, and networking with “influencers.”

If you want to be strategic about your construction social media marketing, you need to change your mindset about what it can actually accomplish for your business.

It’s a touch-point. That’s it. Not every prospect you come across will turn into a lead immediately, and for that matter, not every lead you get will immediately turn into a paying customer.

Social media marketing allows you to routinely connect with your audience. That doesn’t mean blasting them with a sales message every week – it means offering value, insight, and conversation on a scheduled basis, staying in the forefront of their minds.

Here’s how to make it happen.

The 3 Best Social Media Marketing Platforms For Construction Companies

Best social media marketing platforms for construction companies

Before we get to some social media marketing ideas, lets talk about the platforms you should be on.

Sure, in an ideal world, you would be active on every social media platform under the sun. But the world isn’t ideal, and you likely don’t have a bloated social media marketing budget to waste.

Instead, lets focus on the platform that actually matter.

Construction companies should focus on these social media platforms specifically.

1. Facebook

What more needs to be said?

Everyone is on Facebook – especially the older demographic, which is likely your audience.

You likely already have a business profile. I’ll show you how to put it to work later.

2. Google Business Profile

This is probably a little surprising to you, but let me explain.

Now, your Google Business Profile isn’t a social media platform per se, but it can (and should) be treated as such. This can make a huge difference when it comes to local SEO.

Most people don’t know this, but there’s a feature in your GPB called “Updates.” With it, you can add posts to your profile the same as you would with any other social media platform.

This is definitely something to focus on. Later, I’ll show you how to automate your posting.

3. Houzz

Again, this is probably a little surprising.

However, Houzz is a great website for construction companies. With it, you can post project photos, gather and respond to reviews, create “idea” boards, and so much more.

Generally, the people on Houzz are actively looking for home services.

What better way to get in direct contact with your target audience?


Is your audience on Twitter? Should you spend time building a network on LinkedIn? How much money should you throw into creating YouTube videos? In an ideal world, you could do all of that and more. In my opinion, if you don’t have a dedicated social media team, you’re best to stick with the platforms that can actually move the needle for your business.


How to Automate Your Construction Company’s Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing for contractors

This section is going to be short and sweet.

In a nutshell, use Buffer.

Buffer has an easy-to-use calendar to schedule your social media posts. What’s more, you can use the platform to distribute your message to 3 social media accounts at a time…

…for free.

You’re welcome :)

8 Social Media Post Ideas for Construction Companies

Now that we know the platforms we want to post on and have a way to schedule and automate the process, lets talk about what you should actually be posting.

Here are some sample social media post ideas for construction companies:

  • A day in the field: show your crew hard at work on a new project.
  • Before/after pictures: show the quality of your craftsmanship.
  • Project progress posts: keep your timeline up to date with what you’re working on.
  • Team member spotlights: highlight a hardworking member of your team.
  • Share your blog posts: put that website content to good use.
  • Give helpful tips: answer common questions about your industry.
  • Memes: who doesn’t love a good meme?
  • Controversial news: not for the feint of heart; your mileage will vary.

Those ideas alone should yield dozens and dozens of social media posts.

As a rule, it’s always a good idea to link back to your website when making these posts.

Furthermore, engage, engage, engage. Social media is all about dialogue.

Whatever you do, just keep on posting. You’ll attract a larger audience, your profiles will become more active, your business will look busier, and heck – even Google might show you some love.

Social Media Marketing 101

First, understand that social media marketing is a touch-point.

By itself, it’s not a great lead-generation strategy – hire a construction marketing agency for that.

However, it can be used to stay up to date with customers and leads alike, build a stronger brand, share useful content with your audience, and even get some love from Google while you’re at it.

You can even incorporate it into a lead-generating website design.

If you’d like to learn more about how we help construction companies with their social media strategy, book a free strategy session and we’ll have a quick chat :)