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Effective Email Marketing for Construction Companies

Email marketing for construction companies

Want to know how to effectively use email marketing in your construction business?

It’s easier than you may think, and the benefits can be huge.

When used effectively, email marketing for construction companies can:

  • Automate the follow-up process for new leads
  • “Warm” incoming leads over days and weeks
  • Automate your survey and review-gathering process
  • Re-activate old leads and customers alike

…and so much more.

Today, I’m going to talk how about to use construction email marketing effectively.

Hint: it doesn’t involved sending out “newsletters” or spamming people’s inboxes.

As a construction marketing agency, we know that doesn’t work.

Instead, I’m going to talk about how you can automate processes in your business, warm up incoming leads with targeted messaging, and stay in touch with your audience with email marketing.

What is Construction Email Marketing?

Construction email marketingI don’t think definitions provide much real-world value, so let’s nip this in the bud quickly.

Construction email marketing involves sending emails efficiently at scale to both leads and customers alike, typically with the help of email marketing platforms like Constant Contact or MailChimp.

Typically, the process is comprised of three components:

  • A list. This is a group of people who have agreed to be contact by your company. Typically, this list will be segmented based on specific criteria so that different emails go out to different groups. For instance, you could have separate segments for leads, customers, and anything in between.
  • An email blast. This is the component you’re perhaps most familiar with. An email blast is simply an email that is sent to everyone on your list (or segment) at the same time.
  • An automated sequence. This is an email or group of emails that is sent automatically when a new contact is added to a list, typically scheduled out in increments. For instance, you might want an email to go out immediately after someone is added to your list, a separate email to be sent three days later, another email two days from then, and so on.

Those are the basics of email marketing.

Now, lets take a look at how construction companies can use email marketing to great effect.

3 Construction Email Marketing Examples

Construction email marketing examplesNow that we know what email marketing is composed of, lets take a look at how construction companies can use it to great effect in their business.

As a whole, email marketing isn’t an effective lead-generation strategy the same way having an effective website or investing in an ongoing construction SEO plan is.

Instead, email marketing should be used to:

  • Nurture leads you get from other sources.
  • Automate processes where possible, such as scheduling, sending surveys, and more.
  • Stay up to date with current customers.
  • Introduce new products, specials, events, or more when appropriate.

Let’s take a look at 3 construction email marketing examples that can accomplish all that and more.

1. Automatically follow-up with leads.

Email follow-up memeWhat happens when you get a new lead, either from your website or somewhere else?

(Wait… you have an amazing website for your construction company, right?)

Typically… nothing happens.

That person waits and waits for someone to give them a call – and they probably contact a couple of your competitors while they’re waiting.

With an effective construction email marketing strategy, you can automate the process:

  • Send an automated welcome email to new leads. As soon as someone submits a form on your website, calls you, or comes from some other source, they’ll get a “welcome” email that tells them when to expect a callback or what the next step is.
  • Send an automated email with a calendar link. If someone requests in-person service from your website, why not eliminate the back-and-forth? You could send them an automated email with a link to your availability so they can schedule at their convenience.
  • Send a sequence of automated emails that “warm” your lead. Typically, it takes multiple touch-points to turn a lead into a customer. With an automated sequence, you can drip-feed emails to leads that promote your company, offer useful content, and stay in the forefront of their minds.

Email marketing is a great, efficient way to automatically follow-up with leads.

2. Automatically collect feedback.

The same way we can use email marketing to automatically follow-up with leads, we can do the same to collect feedback, reviews and more from your customers.

Getting survey responses is a great way to track internally how your customers feel about the service they’ve been given. Similarly, you can ask positive-responding customers to leave reviews online, which greatly bolster your reputation and localized search engine rankings.

Here’s how to automate the process with email marketing:

  • Send surveys to customers. When a contact is added to your “customer” list, you can have them be automatically sent an email with a survey asking about their experience with your company.
  • Send review requests. Similarly, you can take contacts you leave positive responses in those surveys and add them to a separate segment, one that automatically sends them an email asking for reviews on Google, Houzz, Facebook or more.

While this takes a little bit of set-up work, once you have your segments created and the automated emails written, this is mostly a hands-off process to generate survey responses and review requests.


Interested in using email marketing in your construction company? We use email marketing as part of our 5-pronged digital marketing strategy for contractors, construction companies, and more. Book a free strategy session with us today to learn more :)


3. Send targeted, relevant email blasts.

No, I’m not talking about your “newsletter.”

With construction email marketing, you can use targeted email blasts to engage your audience.

Here are some examples:

  • Let people know about upcoming events. Maybe your construction company is attending the latest Home Show or you’re doing some charity work. Email marketing is an efficient way to let people know.
  • Share useful content. Part of having an effective digital marketing strategy is utilizing useful, helpful, or informative content to great effect. After you’ve written a new blog post, why not let those on your email list know?
  • Introduce new specials, products, or promotions. Obviously, you don’t want to blast these messages every week, but you can send targeted messages when they’re relevant.

You can send different blasts to different segments of your list, too.

Construction Email Marketing 101

Construction SEO company

Email marketing can be used to great effect in your construction business.

With it, you can:

  • Automate lead follow-up.
  • Automatically collect feedback and reviews.
  • Send targeted, relevant email blasts to different segments of your list.

And so much more.

If you’re interested in exploring email marketing for your construction business, we can help.

Book a free strategy session today to have a quick chat about your digital marketing goals :)