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Content Marketing for Construction Companies

Content marketing for construction companies

Interested in content marketing for your construction company?

Or, do you want to learn how to do content marketing yourself?

Today, I’m going to show you the basics of construction content marketing.

Effective content marketing can:

  • Increase search engine visibility and traffic
  • Pre-qualify potential leads and customers
  • Increase overall website conversion rates
  • Engage prospects on social media platforms
  • Reactivate leads or customers through email marketing

When used correctly, content marketing for construction companies can make a huge impact on lead generation, overall company visibility, and engagement rates across many different platforms.

What is Construction Content Marketing?

Construction content marketing

Content marketing, or inbound marketing, is a strategic marketing strategy that leverages content in the form of blog posts, white papers, infographics, statistics, project photos, and more to position your company or brand as a reliable expert in your field.

It’s not about selling – it’s about providing value for free.

When done well, content marketing:

  • Provides insight to your target audience
  • Answers commonly asked questions they may have
  • Shows them what their problem could look like when solved
  • Provides resources and information they need to make an educated decision

Commonly, content marketing is used on construction websites in the form of blog posts.

Otherwise, content marketing can be used on:

  • Social media platforms
  • Email newsletters
  • Live webinars or podcasts
  • Video marketing

And much more.

Some of the best content marketing strategies for construction companies involve creating many different high-quality pieces of content – whether they’re blog posts, project pictures, podcasts, or more – and cross-posting them on as many platforms as possible.

3 Ways to Effectively Use Content Marketing For Your Construction Company

Most construction marketing agencies get content marketing all wrong. Why?

Because they:

  • Focus too heavily on stuffing keywords in their content
  • Focus on selling instead of providing value
  • Use a shotgun, scatterbrain approach
  • Don’t have enough volume
  • Give up after a few weeks

More so than other digital marketing strategies, content marketing has a real snowball effect. Sure, the ball starts very small, and it takes a while to start rolling – but once it does, the momentum compounds, the snowball grows, and it takes off like a rocket down a hill.

Today, I’m going to give you three ways you can use content marketing for your construction company.

1. Have a blog people want to read.

Construction website analytics

First tip: stop trying to stuff keywords in your blog post titles.

There’s a better way to use blogging as an effective construction SEO strategy.

Second tip: be genuinely helpful.

Answer commonly asked questions, provide resources for free, and care about your prospects.

Third tip: create a content calendar and stick to it.

Don’t stop until you reach the finish line. You should be posting at least once a week.

When done correctly, blogging is a great way to earn more search engine traffic, position yourself as an expert in your field, qualify prospects, and increase engagement time on your website.

5 construction blog topic templates.

When thinking of blog ideas, it’s a great idea to have a topic convention, such as:

  • [Number] Ways to [Get a Desired Result]
  • The Ultimate Guide to [Fix a Common Problem]
  • How to [Achieve a Desired Outcome]
  • The [Number] Best Free Resources to [Complete a Task]
  • How We Helped [Case Study] Get [Desired Outcome]

With those 5 topic templates, you can create dozens and dozens of blog posts.

2. Cross-post your content on diverse mediums.

Creating blog posts on your website is a great start, but if that’s all you’re doing, you’re leaving a ton of meat on the bone. Cross-post that same content to various different mediums.

This should be part of your overall social media strategy.

You can cross-promote your blog posts on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

And any other social media platform you’re on.

Taking it a step further, you can dive deep into a few topics and flesh them out with different mediums:

  • Utilize an interview with one of your best clients
  • Create a podcast episode with your team discussing a big topic
  • Turn a 500-word blog post into a 90-second video clip
  • Turn a single project picture into a full case study

Get the most from your content marketing efforts by cross-promoting them.

3. Use an automated email follow-up strategy.

Email follow-up meme

What happens after someone fills out a form on your website?

Usually, nothing.

Eventually, someone might get around to calling them back, but your staff is busy.

Automated email marketing can solve that problem for you.

With email marketing, you can turn your content into bite-sized emails that are easily digestible. Then, you can schedule a number of follow-up emails to go out to prospects automatically after they’ve filled out a free consultation or similar form on your website.

You can automatically drip-feed emails that:

  • Introduce your company and its unique value proposition
  • Highlight one or two of your most beautiful builds
  • Give information on when they can expect a follow-up contact
  • Give them easy-to-access links to valuable blog posts, interviews, and more

Email marketing is a great way to evolve your content strategy and let automation work for you.

Effectively Content Marketing For Construction

Content marketing for construction companies is easier than you think.

Start with any assets you currently have:

  • Project pictures
  • Service pages on your website
  • Social media posts
  • Interviews or publicity

Ask yourself: with a little work, can I turn this into something more than it already is?

Chance are, you can.

If you need to create content assets from scratch, make it a priority in your business to:

  • Take more project pictures
  • Turn more projects into case studies
  • Write 1-4 blog posts per month
  • Transform your blog posts into different mediums
  • Cross-promote your content on as many platforms as possible

We help construction companies get more leads and sales from their online presence.

Part of what we do so well is construction content marketing.

To see how we can help your business, book a free strategy session with us today :)