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The 41 Best Construction Company Website Examples in 2023

If you want to get leads online, you need a great-looking website for your construction company.

It’s no secret that the digital world is more competitive in 2023 than it’s ever been. Nowadays, business owners understand the importance of having a beautiful, SEO-optimized website.

With so much competition out there, how can your construction company website stand apart?

Not to worry.

I’ve compiled a list of 41 construction websites you can use for inspiration right now.

Whether you’re looking to have a new website built for your construction company or just want to see what other companies are doing, this list will show you what’s possible.

41 Best Construction Websites in 2023

All of these construction websites are beautiful, sure.

But that’s not the only reason I’ve selected them.

You see, when it comes to construction company websites, good looks only get you so far. To be competitive in 2023 (ie. to get tons of leads), you need more than fancy graphics and color schemes.

You need:

At Local Sight, all of these things come standard with every website we build. Why not book a free strategy session to see how we can help with your construction website needs? :)

These construction company website examples do one or many of these things really, really well.

So as you go through this list, pay attention to more than just the layout, color schemes, and font choices. Those things are great, but they don’t move the needle when it comes to getting leads.

I’ll show you what to look for, and once you see it, you’ll understand what your construction website will need to get tons of visitors and leads online.

1. Miller’s Residential Creations

Construction website

We built this website. Sure, it’s beautiful, but that’s not how we were able to double their phone calls in less than a year. It generates 50+ leads a month in a tiny market because it has over 200 pages, targets geo-relevant keywords in 8 different cities, has an initial load time of 1.6 seconds, and has effective calls-to-action to their free consultation forms. Did we also mention how beautiful it is?

2. Panhandle Builders & Excavating

Construction company website

We built this website, too. Nothing wrong with a little harmless self-promotion, right? :)

This huge, well-respected company wanted a fast, sleek, and simple online presence that showed their community involvement, safety measures, and many, many projects to prospective partners.

That’s just what we gave them.

3. Robbins Custom Builder

Construction company website 3

You said websites need to be busy to be beautiful?

Here’s an example of a home builder website that makes great use of space. It’s pleasing to the eye, and allows visitors to see the beauty of their work rather than be distracted by fancy graphics.

What I really want to highlight is their menu structure: it’s simple, concise, and makes it easy for visitors to find whatever they need at the click of a button.

4. Athens Construction Group

Construction website example 4

What a beautiful website. It’s exceptionally clean and show off what a construction company website should: the beauty of the homes they build.

Notice the huge headline? It tells visitors exactly what they need to know.

Furthermore, instead of offering bland pages describing the services they offer, they highlight the neighborhoods they build in and give visitors a chance to view 3D tours of their homes.

Not all menus have to have a list of services. This website gives visitors what they really want.

5. Green Source Homes

Construction website example 5

Are you noticing a theme here? Beauty isn’t always about inundating visitors with flashy graphics or over-the-top slideshows. Oftentimes, less is more.

I love the Polaroid-style image of their build on the right, but you know what I love even more? The headlines. This construction company has clearly taken the time to understand the pain points of their audience, and are addressing them immediately on their website.

On budget & on time – what a great tagline.

At Local Sight, we build websites for construction companies that make the phone ring. Book a free strategy session to see how we can help with your construction website needs? :)

6. America’s Home Place

Construction company website 6

Here we have a construction website that’s simple and sleek.

But that’s not why I picked it for this list.

Notice the headline – Athens, GA Custom Home Builder. That’s a keyword, and it’s what we call a geo-relevant keyword because it targets a specific location.

Guess where this website ranks on Google for that keywords? Yep, it’s #1.

Keyword targeting is immensely important, and this website does it well.

7. Comfort Homes

Construction website example 7

Okay, this website is a little busier than some others on the list.

What I love the most about it is the professional photography it features.

Not only that, but it has an initial load time of 1.0 seconds. That’s blazing-fast.

8. Landis

Construction company website 8

Can you see what a huge difference professional photography makes?

That goes double for construction company websites. After all, your work is what visitors want to see.

This website leans on their beautiful homes to grab your attention. Coupled with a simple but effective headline, this is exactly what visitors want to see when looking for home builders.

9. Four Brothers Design + Build

Construction web design example 9

We actually featured this on our general contractor website list, but I couldn’t showing it off again.

Like the above example, this website leans on their beautiful project pictures. It works.

If I could give any advice to construction professionals wondering how they can make their website look better immediately, it would be to invest a couple hundred bucks in professional photography for each project you complete. It makes all the difference.

10. Chryssa Wolfe Hanlon

Construction company website 10

I love double menus. There, I said it.

What I love the most about this construction company website is that visitors have easy access to what they’re looking for, from blogs and videos to information on their home-building process.

Would you guess from this image that this website has over 150 pages? Of course you wouldn’t, because the hierarchy of this website is well-defined and easy to navigate.

At Local Sight, we build websites for construction companies that make the phone ring. Book a free strategy session to see how we can help with your construction website needs? :)

11. Welcome Homes

Best construction website 11

What a headline!

Sure, this website is stunning, but that’s not the reason it’s so effective.

Websites are more than just how they look. It also matters what they say.

This is a very large company and they’ve obviously put a lot of thought into the first impression they want to give their visitors. What’s something you would want your visitors to see upon first visit?

12. A to Z Renovations

Best construction websites 12

Remember when we talked about geo-relevant keywords?

This remodeling website is targeting them immediately.

They also have tons of social proof in the form of Yelp reviews, a BuildZoom profile, Google reviews, and BBB accreditation. Combined with lovely social media integration on the left, it’s a winner.

13. Elite Tech Renovations

Construction websites 13

I don’t envy this web designer. Tall logos are hard to work with, but they pulled it off.

What’s most important is the social proof on the right, their amazing headline, and the ability for visitors to find their social media profiles immediately when landing on the website.

That bathroom looks pretty awesome, too. :)

14. Gecko Builds

Construction website 14

What an amazing headline.

Not only that, but they have a huge call-to-action, making it easy for visitors to book a consultation immediately after landing on their website. There’s a lesson to be learned there.

They also have a handy chat widget letting visitors speak to a live representative.

This construction website is a winner.

15. Bickley Design Build Services

Construction website 15

What a lovely kitchen, right?

This website also has an award to show off, and they present it front-and-center to their visitors.

Combined with a concise menu structure and simple logo, they’re doing a lot of things right.

At Local Sight, we build websites for construction companies that make the phone ring. Book a free strategy session to see how we can help with your construction website needs? :)

16. Sierra Residential & Commercial

Construction websites 16

Sometimes, simple is better.

Could this website use some project pictures? Sure.

But there’s also something to be said about the simplicity of it all.

While not a huge website as far as content goes, it does load pretty quickly.

17. Archadeck Outdoor Living

Construction company website 17

Okay, now we’re back on track. This website has a lot going on, but they’ve utilized space and color in a way that organizes their content without having a cluttered presentation.

Notice the geo-relevant keyword they’re targeting?

Notice they menu structure, pointing visitors to their project portfolios and pages explaining why they should choose them?

And then we have a lovely call to action for a free design consultation.

That’s a recipe for success.

18. Southland Custom Homes

Best construction websites 18

Sure, this website is a little bit old-school. As far as looks go, it could definitely use an update.

But looks aren’t everything, and this website is doing something really well. Can you guess what it is?

Geo-relevant keywords. They’re doing a great job targeting people looking for home builders in Macon.

And guess where they show up for those keywords? Yep, #1.

So while it’s not the best-looking website, I’d be willing to bet they get far more leads than their competitors who’ve invested more time and energy in making their website beautiful.

In fact, according to SEMRush, this website is getting almost 5,000 visitors every month.

19. Martin Signature Homes

Best construction website 19

Here’s a construction website that again focuses on its beautiful project photos to look good.

They have a simple menu structure with easy links to their social profiles.

More than that, it’s fully optimized for mobile visitors.

20. Jeb Kitchens

Construction website 20

I’m in love with this construction website.

Sure, it looks great. But more importantly, they have an awesome call-to-action with a contact form that’s front and center. Not only that, but they feature a picture of the person people are likely to work with – Jeb, I would assume from the company name.

There are many different ways to market your company. One of those is by building your brand around yourself. This leads to a very personal touch, which people generally want from a remodeling or construction company.

This website is all about Jeb, and it works great.

21. Bear Creek Modular Homes

Construction company website 21

I love the branding and logo of this website.

They also feature something really interesting on their home page – an offer.

Lifetime warranty with every purchase, huh? That’s one hell of an offer.

Offers are a great way to increase conversions and lead counts. Does your website have one?

22. McKelvey Homes

Construction website example 22

This construction company website example is certainly one to emulate.

Firstly, the tagline is awesome, showcasing the age of their company.

Secondly, they offer visitors a way to quickly see homes ready to move in to now.

Combined with an easy to navigate menu and beautiful shot of one of their homes, they’re doing a lot right.

23. Rowles Co.

Construction website example 23

Here’s a website doing things a little differently. Instead of featuring the outside of a home, they feature the inside of one – and all the love and happiness that comes with it.

The image works phenomenally well with their tagline: welcome home.

Sometimes, it’s better to show the benefit of something rather than the thing itself.

24. DBR Home Builders

Construction website 24

Sometimes, less is more.

While the design may be a little outdated, this website uses an amazing image of one of their home builds to do the heavy lifting to make their website look beautiful.

Though this design might have used a time-machine to get here from the 90’s, it still works.

At Local Sight, we build websites for construction companies that make the phone ring. Book a free strategy session to see how we can help with your construction website needs? :)

25. MK Construction & Builders Inc.

Construction website 25

What a lovely, luxurious kitchen.

This website isn’t trying to inundate its visitors with fancy graphics because it doesn’t need to.

Their work is beautiful enough to stand on its own.

26. Follyn Builders

Best construction websites 26

While a little busier than some of the other designs on this list, this one still works.

I love two items on their menu – Awards And Recognition and Specialties.

What a great way to tell people what you specialize in and show them the recognition they’ve received from their work.

27. EcoCraft

Construction website 27

Can you see what a difference professional photography can make on your website?

The image on the previous website is no slouch, but this one clearly steals the show.

If you want an easy, cost-effective way to make your website look better now, get professional photographs.

28. J. Francis Company

Best construction websites 28

Here’s another construction website that lets their project pictures do all the heavy lifting.

They have a simple navigation structure with strong calls-to-action.

The website is completely optimized for mobile visitors, too.

Great job.

29. Costa Homebuilders

Construction web design example 29

Here’s a clean and modern design that is easy to navigate.

The homepage features a slideshow of high-quality images showcasing the company’s work, as well as a brief introduction to their services. The layout is well-organized, with clear headings and sections for different areas of interest.

Overall, the website gives the impression of a reputable and experienced home building company.

30. Romanelli & Hughes

Construction company website 30

This website has a sleek and contemporary design that immediately catches the eye.

The site also includes a blog section that features articles on home building and design.

Overall, the website exudes professionalism, conveying the impression of a high-end company.

At Local Sight, we build websites for construction companies that make the phone ring. Book a free strategy session to see how we can help with your construction website needs? :)

31. Bob Webb

Construction website example 31

This website is effective because it presents a clear and compelling message about the company’s mission and values.

The homepage features a large banner image that showcases the company’s work.

The color scheme is clean, with good use of contrast.

32. Trinity Homes

Construction web design example 32

I love this website. Instead of featuring project pictures, they give a beautiful shot of the city in which they build. This pairs well with their tagline, which focuses on building locally.

It’s a great message, and its presented cleanly and concisely.

33. Rockford Homes

Construction company website 33

Notice the banner at the top? That’s a great example of an effective CTA.

Then, we have an eye-catching tagline: Build Your Future.

Not only that, but they give emphasis to the areas in which they build, talking about the premium locations, schools, and luxurious yet affordable living.

Other construction websites should take notice.

34. Unibilt

Best construction websites 34

It’s not often you see a website in this style anymore.

One thing they’re really doing well is their use of interlinking within their opening paragraph, letting users find information on their custom designs and controlled environments.

Interlinking is a phenomenal SEO strategy, and it seems they know that.

35. Generations Construction

Construction company website 35

This website features a great tagline:

“Making New Home Dreams Come True Since 1997.”

It says everything a great tagline should.

At Local Sight, we build websites for construction companies that make the phone ring. Book a free strategy session to see how we can help with your construction website needs? :)

36. Peebles Homes

Construction company website example 36

I have so many nice things to say about this website.

First, it’s chock-full of helpful content.

Secondly, they make that content easy to access for new visitors, with a helpful navigation and color-coded box links to commonly visited webpages on their site.

They also have a great tagline that’s front and center.

37. Arlington Designer Homes Construction

Construction website 37

Once again we have a company that’s put a good amount of time into their tagline.

They’re also doing a great job targeting geo-specific keywords.

Is it any wonder this is one of the first results for home builders in Arlington, Va?

38. Enhanced Homes

Construction website 38

Here’s an example of a photo gallery that doesn’t sacrifice website speed.

Instead of showing one huge, high resolution photo, they’re utilizing an automated slider to show several smaller photos at once. This can greatly improve website speed.

Other than that, their have a prominent logo and easy navigation.

Sometimes, the basics are all you need to be great.

39. Classic Cottages

Construction website 39

While I normally don’t care about such things, I love the font choice here.

Also, notice how they’re utilizing the top bar to promote an upcoming open house.

That shows that this company understand that websites aren’t meant to be static – they should be update frequently with new promotions, events, content and more.

40. Vintage Homes

Construction websites example

Here’s a website that does two things at once: promotes their homes and commercial divisions.

While that’s normally not advisable on a single website, this one does it well.

They have strong, large navigation to help visitors find what they want.

All in all, a solid construction website example.

41. Alair Homes

Best construction websites

What a beautiful view.

Again, you don’t need fancy graphics to make your website look great.

You just need a stunning project picture.

What Do You Want From Your Construction Website? Good Looks… or Good Leads?

Why not both?

Here’s the problem, though. If you’re determining the effectiveness of your construction website on its looks alone, you’re going to be sorely disappointment in the leads department.

Looks don’t equal leads.

You need more. Specifically:

  • Blazing-fast website speeds.
  • Loads and loads of content.
  • A true SEO strategy.
  • A large digital footprint.
  • Smart email marketing.
  • Mobile responsiveness.
  • Social media integration.

And a whole lot more.

As a construction marketing agency, we build websites for construction companies that make the phone ring.

To see how we can help, book a free strategy session today :)

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