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Why is Content So Important?

Websites for local businesses

Content is what brings the Internet to life. It’s why we stay up until 2AM scrounging through Facebook and why funny pictures of cats have become so gosh-darn important. Content is what runs the Internet – it’s the reason we search, the reason we browse, and the reason we share with friends. Content is the reason we’re online. We’re searching for something, and we won’t know what it is until we find it.

website-contentPeople in your target market are searching for content every day. Does the content on your website answer their questions, or do you just provide a list of services?

Online searchers are looking for simple answers to common problems. Is your website the only resource they need, or will they have to look elsewhere?

Great content means the difference between a website that generates leads and one that eats up your marketing budget. We’ll show you why, and give some examples of local websites utilizing content to became the online leader in their marketplace.

How Great Content Brings in Leads

This is the most important part, right? If you’re going to take all that time to add content to your website, or hire someone to do it for you, it has to serve a profitable purpose.

Thankfully, it has a few:

  • The first benefit of having genuinely helpful content on your website is that it educates your readers. As service professionals, we often assume that potential customers are knowledgeable enough to understand what our services are and what they do, but that’s not always the case. A list of your services might explain what you do, but a thorough explanation of those services explains what you can do for them. By answering questions your potential customers have – sometimes, before they even know they have them – you become an authority on your subject. Who are you more likely to call: the company who’s website answers your questions, or the company that provides a list of services?
  • Content also keeps people on your website longer. With an abundance of great content, a visitor may land on your home page, check out a service page, click over to your blog, read a couple articles, go to your contact page, etc… This level of interaction in your website makes the viewer much more likely to give you a call or fill out a form.
  • Updated content keeps them coming back. A frequently updated blog can explain changes in your marketplace, provide insight into current trends, and offer solutions to common problems people in your target market have. This frequent addition of new content gives readers a reason to keep coming back.
  • More content = more website visitors. Content acts as a gateway to your website. Any time you publish something on your website, Google starts displaying the page in their search results. So, as an example, if you publish a page related to common problems found in modern heat pumps, Google will know that the page could be valuable to searchers looking for heat pump repair, installations, maintenance, etc… How high or low your website appears in the search results is determined by a practice called local search engine optimization. The more content you have on your website, the more chances you have for visitors to find your website on major search engines.

What Kind of Content Does Your Website Need?

I know what you’re thinking… What do I even write about? We handle all writing needs for our clients, but here’s what you’ll need if you’d like to do it yourself.

Let’s start simple. Write a list of each service you provide. Now explain in detail exactly what that service entails. Who is it for? What does it do? When do I know I need it? Where do you provide it? How can I get it? It’s also a good idea to incorporate a few pictures within the article. You can use pictures you’ve taken (work you’ve done, your company, portfolio pictures, etc…) or use free stock photos from a source like MorgueFile.

If you have a service area, you can write articles for each location you service. This is key in getting your website to show up in service locations outside the city your business is located in.

A blog can be utilized to inform visitors of upcoming events or discounts, talk about common trends, provide solutions to common problems, announce industry news and what it means to consumers, and a whole lot more. If you’re ever running out of ideas, type “(your industry) blog” in Google and get ideas from the biggest players in the market.

Example# 1:  Local Contractor Uses Content to Drive Traffic

logoMiller’s Residential Creations is a custom home builder and general contractor located in Martinsburg, WV. They’re also one of our clients.

In December of 2014, their website averaged a paltry 37 US visitors per month. By the end of March 2015, they were averaging 324 US visitors monthly. That’s a 775.68% increase in relevant traffic.

This was accomplished with a major addition of helpful content. Google says they have 160 pages in their search results. You can find out how many you have by going to Google and typing in this search: “site:yourdomain.com” without the quotes.

The strategy was two-fold. First, we created pages for each service Miller’s provides, and created city specific landing pages for each service. You can view them in the bottom-right of their website. It is an essential part of telling Google that the company services multiple areas, and getting the website to show up for searches in those areas.

Second, we started a modest blog for them and shared it on their Facebook page. The articles were made to be both insightful and helpful, without promoting the company too much. It’s just these types of articles that get shared on social media – and they did.

This example shows just how important content is in driving additional visitors to your website.

Example #2: Using Content to Become An Authority in Your Market

This example is in the heating and air conditioning niche. Take a look – Giffith Energy Services.

I love this website. It’s not our work, but they’re doing everything right.

I can order fuel online. Their service areas are clearly explains. I don’t know a thing about HVAC, but I can read about their diagnostic and repair services. I can learn about the products they offer and what they do. There’s videos, a regularly updated blog, and contact information clearly posted everywhere.

That’s what websites should do: take someone who has very little knowledge on a subject and explain the problems they’re having, and the solution they need.

You Can Do This All Yourself, Or You Can Hire a Professional

What you can’t do is ignore this information. Your 5-page “online business card” website isn’t competitive – or profitable – in the Internet of 2017. You need more, and we’re here to provide it.

Our websites come standard with great content, sometimes hundreds of pages: your services, the locations you serve, videos, blog posts, portfolio items, etc…

We build websites that make the phone ring. If you’d like to learn more, get in contact with us or head back to our blog to continue reading.

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