We employ all-inclusive online marketing plans for service-based businesses that want more leads and sales. These plans are designed for businesses that want to dominate the online market, and who have the infrastructure in place to handle a new stream of incoming leads. Plans typically last for 3 – 6 months.

Although every plan we create is customized to the businesses we work with, here are a few key facets:

The purpose is to generate traffic.

While some companies might fixate on search engine rankings or social media standings, we focus all of our attention on generating more traffic for our clients.

More times than not, more traffic equals more leads.

Although search engine rankings and social shares are important, we see them as a means to an end. Traffic is the real key to online marketing success.

We help you climb the search engines.

Ongoing search-engine-optimization is perhaps the biggest key to our clients’ success.

We focus on making sure our clients show up for relevant search terms in each location they service.

We also make sure other online real estate belonging to them shows up for search results, allowing them to dominate the local listings and push competitors further down the page.

We typically focus on 50-100 keywords per campaign.

We engineer immediate results.

We design and manage paid online marketing campaigns for our clients to get them results immediately.

We utilize Google Adwords, Facebook and other networks to provide almost immediate return-on-investment for our clients’ marketing dollars. We manage these campaigns each month – taking out the duds and focusing on the keywords and content that produce the best results.

We also utilize re-targeting campaigns for each client, which is a great way to increase conversions for a low cost.

We plaster the Internet with your content.

We use content-marketing to help build your brand and generate new streams of traffic.

Useful content can come in many forms: blog posts, Q&As, videos, infographics and more. We build all these types of media for our clients, then post the content both on their website and on other websites online. The results is both a more helpful website and a much larger online marketing footprint.

We track your results monthly.

Every month, you will receive a detailed report that shows how much traffic you’re getting, your overall online footprint, and the rankings of your website on major search engines like Google.

These reports are vital, because they track the progress of the campaign both for us and for our clients. The data doesn’t lie, and we don’t hide behind it. If something needs fixed, we fix it. If something is working great, we ramp it up. We also offer a monthly phone call to go over these reports, if necessary.

Results of our online marketing plans are lifelong.

Because we focus on building online real estate with great content, the results of our efforts will be apparent to your business for years and years to come.

For your very own online marketing plan, request a free consultation from us. We will go over your plan with you in detail, and the plan is yours to keep, even if you decide to shop elsewhere.

Local Sight designed our business’s website to our specifications in an extremely short amount of time and at a competitive price. All of our requested revisions were made in a timely manner and Jesse even took time to personally help me with setting up our new emails on mobile devices.

Tammy Herndon
Owner, Glen's Electrical Services

In 2014, we averaged just less than three potential client contacts or leads per month. Through Local Sight’s skillful efforts in 2015, we now average just over 20 leads per month and have had a jump of 770% in total leads from the same time the previous year (a jump of 5.4 times as many leads in three quarters of 2015 verses all of 2014).

Brian Miller
Owner, Miller's Residential Creations