If you’re a contractor or other kind of service professional, that effectiveness of your website isn’t based on how pretty it in. It’s based on the amount of visitors you receive.

It also matters that your website is compelling enough to turn those visitors into leads and sales.

Most local business websites don’t produce results because they aren’t built to attract relevant visitors. That means they’re not found on search engines, social media websites or small business directories.

And they don’t turn the few visitors they get into leads. Which means they don’t have great enough features to convince people to use their services.

Local Sight websites are built differently. Here’s why:

We create a network of online real estate.

“If you build it, they will come” doesn’t work with websites.

In order to get visitors, you have to tell the Internet about your business and where to find your website. We create over 100 pieces of online real estate for our clients, which show their business details and their website.

  • Web design for local businessesMajor data aggregators
  • Business directories
  • Niche-specific directories
  • Review websites
  • Social media platforms

This the first critical step in getting your business found on the Internet.

We also provide ongoing management of these properties, so making an address change or uploading new pictures is quick and easy.

We believe in substance over flash.

The internet has evolved. A simple 5-page website doesn’t cut it anymore.

Research has also showed again and again that websites with more content generally receive more visitors from search engines like Google.

We build sleek, content-driven websites.

  • Accurate and informative pages for all your services.
  • Location-specific pages for all your service areas.
  • An active portfolio showcasing your work.
  • A frequently updated blog answering your customers’ questions.
  • Easy access for visitors to all your social media accounts.
  • Strong calls-to-action on each page along with lead capture forms.

It’s also important to frequently update your website, which is why we provide monthly updates at a low monthly charge. We make it quick and easy for our clients to send pictures and other media. We do all the writing ourselves.

We get you found on Google (really).

Search-engine-optimization is a dirty word to most business owners, one that’s typically associated with recorded messages and online scams.

The truth is, it’s a vitally important aspect of your website. And when it’s done correctly, it’s something that pays off for years to come.

We help our clients show up in Google and other search engines for their business name and other relevant searches for the services they provide.

  • A content-driven website is proven to get more visitors from search engines.
  • Nerdy features that help you get found: unique title tags, meta descriptions, header structure, keyword density, semantic keywords, inter-linking, image alt tags, XML sitemap, schema markup, etc…
  • Backlinks from online real estate and other websites.
  • Social signals from social media accounts.
  • Geo-specific pages help you get visitors from multiple locations.
  • Paid campaigns (Adwords) will get you traffic from Google immediately.

Search-engine-optimization on a significant scale is typically an ongoing service, but we build each website from the start with search engines in mind.

We believe in data.


The numbers don’t lie. We use monthly Google Analytics reports and call tracking to show our clients positive return-on-investment.

The data we gather also allows us to focus on what’s working on your website and fix what isn’t. By looking at the data, we can determine what type of content your visitors respond to the best, where those visitors typically come from, and how to help increase conversions from visitors to leads.

We have competitive pricing.

Although everything we do is custom (including pricing), we do have two base packages for our website development services, both of which include everything above.

  • Startup – perfect for new businesses or ones that want a solid website they can build on in the future. Typically pricing starts around $1,499 with a small monthly fee.
  • Competitive – for businesses that service multiple locations and want to dominate the online market. Typically pricing starts around $2,999 with a small monthly fee.

This is general guideline pricing, and will fluctuate depending on your specific project. We provide these prices freely to give shoppers an idea of what they can expect to spend with us.

When want to work with you, if…

  • You want more leads.
  • You provide a great service to your customers.
  • You have customer reviews (or can get them).
  • You have pictures of your work (or can get them).
  • You want to build for the future.

If that sounds like you, request a free consultation and we will plan your online marketing strategy.

Local Sight designed our business’s website to our specifications in an extremely short amount of time and at a competitive price. All of our requested revisions were made in a timely manner and Jesse even took time to personally help me with setting up our new emails on mobile devices.

Tammy Herndon
Owner, Glen's Electrical Services

In 2014, we averaged just less than three potential client contacts or leads per month. Through Local Sight’s skillful efforts in 2015, we now average just over 20 leads per month and have had a jump of 770% in total leads from the same time the previous year (a jump of 5.4 times as many leads in three quarters of 2015 verses all of 2014).

Brian Miller
Owner, Miller's Residential Creations

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