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Case Study: How We Increased a Contractor’s Leads by 770% in One Year

Home builder website design

We helped Miller’s Residential Creations, a home builder and remodeling company located in Martinsburg, WV, increase their total leads by 770% from 2015 to 2016 by combining local search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and a website re-design focused on creating a large, content-filled website. In this case study, we’re going to show you how.

In 2014, we averaged just less than three potential client contacts or leads per month.  Through Local Sight’s skillful efforts in 2015, we now average just over 20 leads per month and have had a jump of 770% in total leads from the same time the previous year (a jump of 5.4 times as many leads in three quarters of 2015 verses all of 2014).

— Miller’s Residential Creations (Read full review below…)

When it Comes to Websites, Larger is Better

Most people think too small when it comes to their website.

Some aren’t sure how many leads they can get from a website, so they don’t focus on using it as a marketing tool. Others just want something simple with their logo, address and phone number because that’s all they know to ask for.

The truth is larger websites are almost always better for small businesses, and additional pages aren’t as expensive as you may think.

When we talk about ‘larger’ websites, we’re talking about websites with more pages, more content and more media.

Google loves these websites because they provide the user with a better experience, so the website will typically show up higher in relevant search results. More pages also means more opportunity for Google and other search engines to even list your website in the first place.

So here’s what we did to build a larger website for Miller’s Residential Creations:

  • Increased their indexed page count from ~20 to 172
  • Built pages for each service they offer
  • Built pages for every location in their service area
  • Built a more robust portfolio and add items continually
  • Published a few blog posts on common questions and posted them to Facebook

They offer multiple services including custom home building, remodeling, kitchens, bathrooms, basements and outdoor living solutions, so it was important to have a separate page for each one. Since they offer those services in multiple locations, it was important to build pages targeting those locations as well, so that Google and other search engines knew which cities they offer services in. Continually adding blog posts and project pictures kept the site fresh and offered something new to visitors every month.

How Does More Content Affect Website Traffic?

Let’s take a look at the data:

After continuously adding content for one year, we increased search engine traffic from Google by nearly 420% and from Bing by nearly 265%.

It’s also important to note that visitors from these sources on average stayed on the site longer, and visited more pages than they did before. This is a great sign – it means the added content helped visitors find what they were looking for and generally results in a higher conversion rate for leads and sales.

Creating Online Real Estate

After we created a larger website for Miller’s Residential Creations, we created other “online real estate” so that Internet users could more easily find them. We wrote a blog post on online real estate awhile back about 35 free places to list your business online. For this campaign, we took that premise a little further. Online real estate is all about getting your site mentioned and creating business profiles on 3rd party websites so you can advertise your business and share content to their visitors. Here’s what we did…

  • We created business profiles on home building and remodeling-specific business directories
  • We created YouTube videos showing off their project pictures
  • We found other related businesses that were interested in exchanging links
  • We shared content on Facebook
  • We posted Craigslist ads for them
  • We participated in industry chit-chat on forums for contractors
  • We created a low-cost Adwords campaign to maximize exposure

The list goes on… but you get the idea. Doing all of these things, and doing them consistently, creates online real estate. The more real estate you have online, the more people can find you and your business.

The Proof is in the Data.

In just one year, we increased the amount of website traffic to Miller’s Residential Creations by 519%.

We increased their average monthly visitors count from 47 to 288.

We cleaned up their Analytics to show only relevant visitors and which cities they’re coming from.

This amounted to a 770% increase in total leads.

We provide Google Analytics and call tracking to show our clients exactly how much of an impact their website is making on their business. We believe small business websites should serve the purpose of educating customers and generating leads. If you believe the same, request a free consultation to find out how we can positively impact your business.

Below is the full review from Miller’s Residential Creations:

It is our pleasure to offer this testimonial on behalf of Jesse Kemmerer, founder and owner of LocalSight.net.  Jesse has been the most integral part of our marketing efforts in 2015 and has provided so many vital services for our company: from designing and maintaining our website, to proactively increasing our World Wide Web footprint, to the daily support of keeping our electronic business communications functioning.  When Jesse came to our company to offer his services, he was in the early stages of starting his company and had little proven experience on his résumé, but he had a confidence and hunger to prove that he could transform what we had in the way of “old school” advertising and recreate it into true 21st century marketing.  We took the chance to partner with Jesse and allow him to put his promises into proactive reality and we have NOT regretted that decision for a moment.

In 2014, we averaged just less than three potential client contacts or leads per month.  Through Jesse’s skillful efforts in 2015, we now average just over 20 leads per month and have had a jump of 770% in total leads from the same time the previous year (a jump of 5.4 times as many leads in three quarters of 2015 verses all of 2014).  A full 32% of our new leads are coming in through the new website that Jesse designed for us and we feel it is because the website is very comprehensive in displaying the type of quality work that we do in a very intuitive format.  Beyond our website alone, Jesse has expanded and integrated our social media and marketing exposure through Facebook, Google Plus and even though we were already on Angie’s List, he bridged its utility to maximize our marketing on that site.  He also increased our online presence through BuildZoom.com, Home Advisor.com, Houzz.com, Porch.com and Craig’s List.com.  Even more, he was able to spike our search rankings by using his technical insight into how search engines work to make our website become consistently among the top 5 search results in this area for residential contractors.  Jesse skillfully engineers, edits and oversees our visual content and organizing our industry knowledge and expertise in such a way as it conveys what we know to the prospective home improvement clientele.  This effort has more than helped prospective clients educate themselves so that they can be thinking about what they truly want us to help them design and construct, often before they contact our company.

Beyond the web based marketing of Jesse’s services to us, he is ALWAYS helpful in getting ads placed in area publications to increase our local media exposure and goes “above & beyond” in providing technical support to even the most off-the-radar general office IT questions we have, which helps us maintain or increase the use of productive software programs.  He setup and maintains our business email system, which we rely upon heavily as our lifeline, both in and out of the office, and he helps us do our best and most efficient work in that capacity.  His easy going nature and sense of teamwork nicely complement our own team members’ efforts for truly positive collaborations.  The integrity of his word also speaks volumes to who he is as a business owner and person, in that he maintains and upholds his commitment to us by exclusively offering his services to us on a non-compete basis by not engaging or taking on other residential contractors as clients to avoid any potential conflict of interest issues.

In summary, Jesse Kemmerer has been and will continue to be one of the most valuable assets of Miller’s Residential Creations.  We are sure that as our company continues to grow and propel to the next level of becoming the premier residential contractor in this area, it will be in no small part to Jesse’s technical acumen, insight and marketing expertise.  We are very pleased with our decision to partner with LocalSight.net and offering our highest recommendation for Jesse Kemmerer and LocalSight.net.

— Miller’s Residential Creations

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