Contractor website design

Profitable Web Design

We build websites that receive more traffic from search engines, connect with more people on social networks, and have a larger online footprint.

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Contractor lead gen


Our online marketing packages further increase your digital footprint. Get in front of more potential customers with smart lead-generation.

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Websites for local businesses

Backed By Data

We use Google Analytics and call tracking to show our clients a positive return on investment. This data also reveals new opportunities for growth.

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why us?

Our goal is to give a positive return on investment – that’s how we keep our customers coming back and referring us to their friends. We’ll do everything in our power to make sure your advertising dollars are well spent and your website is a lead-generating machine.

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Are you wondering why your 5-page website isn’t bringing you results?

The Internet has evolved. Five pages, a photo gallery and a contact form no longer cut it in the competitive space of small business websites. If you want your website to consistently produce new leads, you need more.

We build bigger and better local business websites that consistently generate more phone calls and form submissions. Here’s how we do it:

A Larger Digital Footprint

When it comes to small business websites, more content is nearly always better. The websites we build generally have 100s of pages, making them easier to find on search engines like Google. These pages include:

  • Service description pages
  • Location-specific pages
  • Descriptive portfolios
  • Blog posts, etc…

That doesn’t mean we build bloated websites – on the contrary, most of them are simple and clean. It simply means that the websites we build are designed to better educate our clients’ customers and show up for more search terms on search engines like Google.

More Online Real Estate

The key to getting more leads from your website is to get more website visitors in the first place. We build a network of online real estate around each of our clients’ websites to further increase their digital footprint and website traffic. Sources of this online real estate include:

  • Small business directories
  • Geographic directories
  • Trade-specific directories
  • All social platforms, etc…

Lead-Generation Campaigns

We create and manage paid lead generation campaigns to get results quickly. These campaigns allow our clients to get in front of a large percentage of their target audience at the flick of a switch. The campaigns we manage come in all sizes and cross multiple platforms, including:

  • Google Adwords campaigns
  • Facebook campaigns
  • Re-targeting, etc…

A Data-Driven Marketing Solution

Do you know how many visitors your website is getting? Do you know what type of content your visitors like best? Do you know where and how your business appears on search engines for relevant search terms?

We share all that data and more with our clients. Utilizing data is a big part of our strategy for profitable website, and we believe our clients’ can make good use of that data, too. We use:

  • Google Analytics for website data
  • Call tracking to show results
  • Spreadsheets detailing online real estate
  • Search engine tracking for keywords, etc…

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Local Sight designed our business’s website to our specifications in an extremely short amount of time and at a competitive price. All of our requested revisions were made in a timely manner and Jesse even took time to personally help me with setting up our new emails on mobile devices.

Tammy Herndon
Owner, Glen's Electrical Services

In 2014, we averaged just less than three potential client contacts or leads per month. Through Local Sight’s skillful efforts in 2015, we now average just over 20 leads per month and have had a jump of 770% in total leads from the same time the previous year (a jump of 5.4 times as many leads in three quarters of 2015 verses all of 2014).

Brian Miller
Owner, Miller's Residential Creations